Clarissa M Lewis

 Primary media:  installations, works on paper


Artist's Statement

The 'ordinary' is fascinating.  It reveals  the assumptions  which underpin our lives. It is easily dismissed or goes unnoticed, relegated to the margins.  Here, close-up and close-to-home, in moments that the world ignores are clues to how we shape and are shaped by experience, language and thought.

The subject matter of my work is collected through observation and introspection primarily in relation to commonplace* life.  The goal of my work is to engage the soul as well as the mind.   Reason/intellect has its limitations.  The business of dissecting, deconstructing, analyzing and labelling, results in a great deal of information but the essences, the overlaps, the influences on, the messiness of the subject and compassion are lost.


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*Modern: something that is ordinary or common -- Archaic: A passage marked for reference or entered in a commonplace book.


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