Clarissa M Lewis

A  P a t h  T h r o u g h  t h e  T r e e s



Moleskine Notebook

Embroidery, ink, pencil, smoke, conté, pastel, gouache, down


h 8.25 x w 5 inches/h21 x 13 cm

21 pages, unpaginated



When she reaches the river she paces back and forth on the rocks trying to figure out a way across to that tiny door in the tree on the other bank. The sign over the door says: Studio. The door is a flap that can be opened.

At this point the reader can go no further. The subsequent pages are held together with a tabbed paper band. The ability to open the tab can only be reached by turning to the back of the book.

Last page, tab closed:

With the tab opened, the reader can access the conclusion of the story reading forward from here:

The following pages are sewn together to produce a thicket of layers to form a tunnel into the tree. (Hard to distinguish in this image, is the tiny door at the end of the tunnel.)



If the reader opened the door flap while reading from the front of the book, a door sized slice of the following page is visible through the tunnel door.

The last page of the story, which is located mid book is this:





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