Clarissa M Lewis


Anonymous Urban Wilderness and Street Art Projects



Hybrid Art: Site Specific Installations and Interventions, Mixed Media, Poetic Writing, Found Objects, Photography, Social Media.

2008 - 2012: Tracking Creative Instinct

2013 June - September: Inspiration, Play and Risk in Creativity

2012-2017 (ongoing): Adventures in Archeology: Liminal Layers Have Stories to Tell



By working anonymously, I can create an opportunity for experience and connection.  Street art establishes a temporary intimate place within public space. Mystery is essential to my approach. A signature suggests ownership and discourages potential anonymous collaborators from responding to my direct and implied invitations. 

If you would like to know more please contact me here.


The photographic images resulting from these projects have not been previously exhibited.

Artist's Talks have been presented in Canada (Toronto), U.S.A. (New York) and Italy (Sicily)

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