Clarissa M Lewis

H o m a g e  t o  A p o r i a

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Text on drawer front: 


Text on drawer front:    

After several unsuccessful attempts to weld my results together into...a whole, I realized that I should never succeed...My thoughts were soon crippled if I tried to force them on in any single direction against their natural inclination. - And this was, of course, connected with the very nature of the investigation. For this compels us to travel over a wide field of thought criss-cross in every direction.               Ludwig Wittgenstein

Text inside shadow of open drawer: 

I want to be a verb.


tryptich: conté and pastel on Arches paper


Total size:

h 38.5 x w 31 in/h 98 x w 79 cm each [framed separately]

h 38.5 x w96 in/h 98 x w 237 cm

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