Clarissa M Lewis

O v e r   D i n n e r

(an installation/informal interpretation of 'book')

Originally designed for a Spanish themed dinner at Gallery Neubacher, Toronto Canada and later exhibited at offthemap Gallery, Toronto Canada Group Exhibition: Bearing Witness


detail (large)   detail (small)

installation mixed media and found objects on round table


round 72 inches/183 cm diameter

The Pages

page 1


a story on 10 pages


When Gerda invited me to dress one of the tables for tonight’s salon evening, from a visual artist’s perspective,  I knew immediately knew what to do.  Easy! Find a Spanish woman artist and celebrate her in the design.

page 2



Go to the web...



a story on 10 pages

page 3


 “Spain, women artists” (hit enter)  



a story on 10 pages

 page 4


Picasso, Miro, Goya, Dali ...hmmmm

‘women’ doesn’t begin with an ‘M’...


a story on 10 pages

page 5


”women, Spain, art history” (hit enter)



a story on 10 pages

 page 6

 Frida Kahlo....what?

‘Spain’ doesn’t begin with an ‘M’...

 Picasso, Miro, Goya, Velazquez, El Greco, Dali


a story on 10 pages

 page 7


 Is it as I hope,


 a story on 10 pages

 page 8


 that my search tactics were not so great?


a story on 10 pages

page 9


 Or is it as I fear,



a story on 10 pages

 page 10


 who counts?

who’s counting?


 a story on 10 pages

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