Clarissa M Lewis

T u n n e l   V i s i o n  o n  t h e  I n f o r m a t i o n  H i g h w a y


Please note that this was a two person exhibition titled: Stuff in Search of Meaning.  The wall images were created by Tracey Bowen.


installation view
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detail   detail *



site specific installation - mixed media, found objects

Size: site specific

Viewing Note

* The computer printout is an assembly of words, set up centre page, referring to the appearance of poetry.  Each word represents a component of face-to-face, nuanced communication which a computer cannot replicate.   [eg]  fervor, agony, bearing, countenance, context, gesture etc

Excerpt from artist’s statement (Tunnel Vision…)

The computer has been named: The Ultimate Machine.  I am interested in how completely and unquestioningly we seem to embrace it.  Marshall McLuhan said: We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us. [1964] As our dependence upon computers approaches the absolute, it is necessary to notice what we are relinquishing in the process. 

Much of the most meaning-filled part of human communication occurs in the margins and on the periphery of the main focus (the words).  Not only do computers separate the communicators, they also break the process down into tiny structured units.  Computers foster tunnel vision.  The messy, fascinating, intangible ‘stuff’ is unable to be included.

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