Clarissa M Lewis

E n o u g h  R o p e...

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installation with drawings on paper

conté, found objects (laundry line, clothes pegs, laundry line separators)


each drawing: 22 x 30 inches/ 56 x 76 cm [5 portrait, 2 landscape]

total size (approximate): 5 x 15 ft/1.5 x 4.5 m

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Viewing Note

The catalyst for making Enough Rope... was an overheard comment  about the type of women who shop at large chain stores known for their discounted prices.  Precisely the comment was:  Oh she looks like a (name of chain store) housewife...this comment was intended to be shorthand for the 'look' and carried implications about the character; the markers being: practical attire; weight tending to be disproportionate in the hip and thigh area; the implications being: substandard; not well educated, and so on. 

The installation was also inspired  by the appearance of a neighbour,  a carpet installer of 20 years experience -- how his work had affected his gait; his posture; the look of his knees; the language of his body. And lastly the piece was inspired by a butcher at a local delicatessen -- specifically, how the years of handling raw and refrigerated meats had permanently altered the look of his hands. 

A glance seemed to provoke assessment based on disinterested observation and inference which have little to do with substance or the many dimensions contributing to identity. As a result I've become increasingly interested in how work and circumstance etch themselves onto the body; how we evaluate and are evaluated by these appearance contributing factors.

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