Clarissa M Lewis

R e f l e c t i o n 


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As a child I spent a great deal of time alone with my thoughts. Thinking was a wonderful companion and I became intrigued by its workings. The organizing principle which underpins "thinking" is organic, rooted in our biological heritage and I believe, has a spiritual aspect. The experience of living gradually adds idiosyncratic architectural elements built from organic materials and perceptions until, for each of us, the entire process is an elaborate, complex, unique and constantly evolving conglomeration. Reflection is an interpretation of what thinking might look like if it had a physical presence.

The foundation of Reflection is based on three 14 ft/4.3 m tree limbs painted white and lashed into a tripod. At the point of intersection of the three limbs, about 7 ft/2.2m up, a crown of entangled branches is lashed in with white rope, each branch lashed separately resulting in a tension of ropes. The underside of the limb tripod  is smoked to intensify the shadow side in real space and to exaggerate the depth of the virtual, mirrored space. The sculpture straddles a 6ft/1.8m square mirror to surprise viewers with the underside of thinking [ďas above so below"] . The walls of the gallery were completely clad with canvas painted an organic black, a mixture of crimson, blue and raw umber to replicate the black of human interior. Additional blackened canvas was used to record my own flow of thinking and then torn  and reassembled at random  on the gallery walls in a deep band of shingled rectangles of various sizes.

Chapter I:  This installation was developed  and  originally built for offthemapgallery, Toronto, Canada 2005  

12 x 14 x 14 ft/ 3.7 x 4.3 x 4.3 m

Mixed media, found objects, canvas and mirror

Chapter II: Reflection  was then rebuilt outdoors for  video: Return  2005/06

a documentation of the environment's reclamation process

Please click here for selected still images and video: Return - under construction


Chapter III: Reflection was rebuilt, larger scale specific to W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery

North Bay, Ontario, Canada in 2009  and included  the companion video:  Return - under construction


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